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terminal intelligent du parc logistique de Calgary

Calgary Logistics Park Smart Terminal

Improving Capacity and Service Levels

As part of the project, we have redesigned the Calgary Logistics Park yard, to elevate our capacity and customer service levels, while maintaining our priority for safety. CN has redesigned the Calgary Logistics Park (CLP) Terminal to improve the following key areas:

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

Increase the total container ground count and the maximum number of containers handled per day.

Storage Locations

Storage Locations

Strategically designate storage locations to improve access and facilitate day to day operations.



Improve zone accuracy, consistency of aisle width and create a uniform naming convention to provide visibility for container locations and maximize productivity & fluidity.

Calgary Logistics Park

These changes will help our carter community quickly locate containers, resulting in improved service time and reduced congestion while improving the overall experience.

Please see below for a summary of the changes:

Current Track Names Future Track Names
CL01 CL01
  CS01 (South of Truck Crossing)
 CL02 CL02

Current Grounded
Aisle Names
Future Grounded
Aisle Names

Current Main Yard
Container Zones
Future Main Yard
Container Zones
0W-24W W0-W24
 0E-24E E0-E24

Stack Locations Future Orthogonal1
4D D4
6D D6
10D D10
13D D13
16D D16
21D D21

Current Wheeled Area
Container Zones
Future Wheeled Area
Container Zones
P21-P7 P1-P7

1 P-denotes that it is a wheeled parking zone.

2 Orthogonal: the container is placed E-W (e.g., for driveway containers)