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Emergency Number

1-800-465-9239 (option 3)

This number is a 24/7 service to report signal malfunctions, crossing incidents or other urgent safety concerns to the CN Police.

Please e-mail our CNPoliceTipLine for non-urgent requests or Public Inquiries for general information.

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You Can Help Prevent Railway Crossing and Trespassing Accidents
Rail safety is a shared responsibility and we ask everyone to be especially careful when on or near railroad property and at crossings.
Look, listen and live! That’s what it means to be rail smart.
Follow these tips—they could save lives.
Who We Are

Proud of our long history in railway policing that dates back to early 19th century, the CN Police Service is committed to making CN the safest railway in North America by protecting its people, property and resources and by ensuring the safety and security of the communities that CN serves.

CN Police Constables have been granted all the powers of a peace officer under the Railway Safety Act, including those powers vested through the Criminal Code of Canada, to enforce violations occurring on or within 500 metres (550 yards) of CN’s railway network throughout Canada, in so far as the enforcement relates to the protection of property owned, possessed, or administered by the railway as well as the protection of persons while on CN property.

In the U.S., each state in which CN operates grants police powers to CN Police Officers and Special Agents. In addition, interstate policing authority is granted to CN Police Officers and Special Agents in the U.S. through 49 U.S. Code Sec. 28101 and the United States Secretary of Transportation.

Among our many initiatives, we raise public awareness about the potentially devastating consequences of trespassing on railroad tracks and disregarding rail safety signs and signals at railway crossings.

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CN Police FAQs
Here are a few tips on how to work with the CN Police Service, find out where they operate and what services they offer.

CN Police FAQ

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CN Safety Partners
CN is proud to partner with these safety associations and to apply leading safety practices in the industry.

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