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2018 EcoConnexions

EcoConnexions Partnership Program

What is the EcoConnexions Partnership Program?

For CN, an environmentally sustainable future means thinking and acting in the interest of generations to come. We recognize that it is our responsibility to provide cleaner, more sustainable transportation services to you, our customers and partners, while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

With that spirit in mind, in 2014, CN launched the EcoConnexions Partnership Program in collaboration with Tree Canada, in order to recognize our customers and supply chain partners in Canada and the U.S. who are committed to sustainability. Through our EcoConnexions Partnership Program, we continue to deepen our customer relationships, as well as collaborate and learn from each other as we move together towards a more sustainable future.

Each year, we recognize our winners by planting trees in their honour. Since the beginning of the Program, we have planted over 600,000 trees in Canada and the U.S. These have helped to:

  • Reforest after a natural disaster or fire
  • Re-establish valuable wildlife forested habitat
  • Provide watershed protection
  • Rehabilitate agricultural land

In 2023, 68 customers, suppliers and supply chain partners were recognized for their sustainability practices and 100,000 trees  will be planted as part of four different reforestation projects.

How to participate

To qualify, your company must be a customer or a supply chain partner of CN and must demonstrate dedication to sustainability initiatives. Submission of your application to the Program is by completing a questionnaire. An independent third party assesses all applications based on each applicant’s policies, reporting, targets and environmental initiatives around energy efficiency, water conservation and waste reduction.