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Building for an Environmentally Sustainable Future

As one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to move goods, rail has a tremendous potential to reduce the environmental impact of transportation by offering sustainable transportation solutions today and into the future.

Like you, we’re thinking about tomorrow, today. For us, an environmentally sustainable future means thinking and acting in the interest of generations to come. We recognize the important responsibility we have to do all we can to minimize the impacts of our operations, while providing cleaner, more sustainable transportation services to our customers.

Our environmental strategy is guided by our Environmental Policy and focuses on emissions and energy efficiency, waste management, and biodiversity and land management. Our EcoConnexions Programs are the core platform that engages our employees, communities and customers to help us make a difference and achieve our goals. 
CDP Climate change Response 2023

  • Emissions & Energy Efficiency
  • Improving our Emissions and Energy Efficiency

    Operating efficiently has been the hallmark of our success. We are a leader in the North American rail industry, consuming almost 15% less fuel per gross ton mile than the industry average. Building on our success, we broadened our commitment to excellence in fuel efficiency to all aspects of our business, including rail, non-rail, buildings and yard operations.

  • Waste Management
  • Minimizing Our Waste

    Preventing and minimizing waste plays a critical role in sustainable resource management and conservation for our organization. Our waste management strategy is focused on reducing waste at source by pursuing greener procurement options and improving waste management at our facilities and across our network through comprehensive reuse and recycling programs.

  • Biodiversity & Land Management
  • Protecting Land and Biodiversity

    With operations and a network that passes through a wide range of habitats, we are committed to taking measures to minimize our impact. This mindset extends beyond our operations to the communities we serve, where we are sponsoring a mass reforestation program with approximately one million trees being planted in strategic locations adjacent to our main lines.



Our EcoConnexions Programs encourage and support our environmental values and initiatives with key stakeholders, including employees, communities and customers.