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Building for the Highest Standards in Governance

Responsible governance is a fundamental part of our business practices and culture. Having in place a strong governance structure is the foundation of an effective framework to support and embed our Delivering Responsibly philosophy and provide clear guidance on how authority is exercised within the company.

Governing Responsibly

Our Board of Directors represents our shareholders and is the decision-making body for all matters deemed material to the business. It comprises a non-executive and independent Chairman, the President and Chief Executive Officer, and eleven non-executive independent Directors.

Ensuring Responsible Business Practices

We believe that an ethical business is a sustainable business. Our objective is to develop and maintain long-term, fair, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, customers, and business partners.

We are committed to ensuring only ethical and legal business practices. We have a zero tolerance policy on bribery. Our Anti-Corruption Policy (PDF) and the Code of Business Conduct (PDF) underline this zero tolerance policy. We have strict rules for our employees, contractors or agents against offering or accepting bribes or facilitation payments. We are particularly mindful of our obligations when making payments related to business development and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, customs brokerage, dealings with government officials, seeking issuance or renewal of permits, operations in foreign countries, and supply management operations.

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