Reaching Farther Through Collaboration With Third Party Logistics Partners

We offer a combination of rail services that make for fast, cost and fuel-efficient freight shipments, specially for long haul movements. Supported by a culture of continuous improvement, we generate sustainable growth by providing our customers with extensive reach via our three-coast network and industry-leading service. Ongoing investments in our network and services and partnerships allow us to deliver additional value by providing new market opportunities for our customers.

Essential Resources
We’ve assembled a toolkit of information you need to know about working with CN. We’re all in this together and we want to equip you with any and all information you need about working safely and efficiently with us.

Collaboration is the Key to Growth

Services Overview: Third Party Logistics Third Party Logistics



  • Our pools of 1,050 CNTL trucks and drivers, 10,600 containers, chassis are available through centralized dispatch reservations
  • The EMP (Equipment Management Pool) is one of the largest fleet for intermodal domestic containers in North America with over 40,000 53' containers and chassis
  • Since 2018, a total of 12 out of 13 borders are now monitored via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), resulting in a 70% reduction of border stops related to documentation issues

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Shipping With CN
CN’s sales team works hand-in-hand with customers to help them reach new markets and grow their business. With 24/7 customer service and a suite of digital tools for managing your shipments, we’ve built a toolkit that works for our customers.
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